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Grocery shopping is something many of us loathe and some of us love.  The undeniable fact is that it uses up time out of our life (getting to the shops, browsing the aisles, waiting at the checkout) that could be put to better use.  eHow has this article that explains the benefits, and the savings to be made, by doing your grocery shopping online.

Mid last year I discovered the joys of doing my grocery shopping online and haven't looked back.  I worked out that it saved me, on average, at least 2 hours out of my weekends which is when I did my grocery shopping.  I also found that by shopping online I saved more money as you aren't tempted by in store displays, and you are able to sort grocery items by unit price making it easier to make direct price comparissons than by standing in front of the supermarket shelves.  More importantly, I didn't have the frustrations of having to deal with the inevitable fact of not enough check outs being open, or shoppers sending partners/children to grab more and more items as they are already going through the check out.  Even better, through online shopping you can schedule deliveries to suit you (instead of waiting until the weekend I now get my groceries delivered after I get home from work during the week), you also often receive samples of new products, and finally, you can have your groceries delivered to your kitchen bench.

Check out Coles and Woolworths to see if they deliver in your area.

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