When was the last time you told your partner you love that you love them?

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Sometimes we take the people we love for granted. Not deliberately of course. My boyfriend has a favourite joke that relates to this that we heard from a male comedian whinging about his girlfriends "constant need to be reminded that she was loved". "I told you loved you when we met and you'll be the first to know if that changes." Sadly, it's not just men that fall into this trap, it's women too. (By the way, I should add that my boyfriend is not the type to tell me he loves me once and never again, we tell each other every day).

Taking the time to remind your loved ones how much they are loved not only makes them feel better, but also makes you feel good too.

Reminding a loved one that they are loved can be achieved in a number of obvious and not so obvious ways.

1. Telling them. This one is obvious of course, but do it with intent. Look into their eyes when you tell them. Don't say it while you are watching tv.

2. Send them a text. Think about how you would feel to receive an out of the blue text from your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife. I guarantee you it will put a smile on your face.

3. Leave them a note and tell them WHAT you love about them. Is it their sense of humour, their smile, the way they make you feel better after a bad day?

I leave notes for my boyfriend occassionally, and on one day in particular he came home from work in a very frustrated and annoyed mood. He said that all changed when he found my notes and what was a bad mood quickly changed to a good mood.

Check out these cute little adhesive love notes from Kikki K which are perfect for the occassion.

4. Do something to show them that you love them. Go out of your way to do something that you know will make the other person feel happy and/or special.

My boyfriend demonstrates this to me by making me strawberry pancakes for breakfast occassionally, complete with a handmade chocolate heart! *bless*

So, have a think about the last time you told your partner you loved them, and if it's so long ago you can't remember, tell them today.

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